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Cosmetics compliance made for brands, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Powered by AI and automation.
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We aim to solve the biggest problems companies face with their product compliance and data management

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Data & documentation is a mess

Excel, Google Drive, Sharepoint or legacy systems make it impossible to find what you are looking for and there is no single source of truth for your data.
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New product development is slow

No way to communicate between team members, no way to organise projects and nothing tracking the team’s progress and outstanding actions.
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Quality and compliance slowing everything down

A Stretched team handling complexity at every turn across ever changing global regulations, retailer lists and custom blacklists.
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Wasted hours on documentation collection

Teams spending hours collecting documentation and data both internally and externally from your suppliers.

Say hello to our all-in-one platform that automates product lifecycle management and compliance for cosmetics brands, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

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We’ve just launched our new online formulation designer

Set up in 60 seconds
Automatically import your ingredients using AI
Run regulatory checks in seconds
Minimise mistakes and ensure global compliance
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Cosmetic Brands

The ultimate compliance assistant for cosmetics brands

The easiest way to identify all your compliance requirements for every market you sell in
Complete flexibility to include all voluntary certification: COSMOS, Organic, USDA, Vegan, ECOCERT, Cruelty-free
Collect and maintain all of your compliance data with 10x less time and 3x less cost
Fully automated data onboarding with minimal manual data entry

Raw Material Suppliers

The easiest way to store and share all of your raw materials data

A single source of truth for all of your raw materials data.
Stop wasting time responding to customer requests for information
Quickly and easily share this data with your customers
Completely free to use for all suppliers

Worldover for Manufacturers

Meet your compliance requirements with minimum cost and resources

Stay up to date with all global regulations and voluntary standards: COSMOS, Organic, USDA, Vegan, ECOCERT, Cruelty-free
Game changing formulation speed
Sync all of your data across your products, raw materials, formulas and reports
Meet your compliance requirements faster and cheaper
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Meet the platform

Our features cover the end-to-end compliance journey

Identify Regulation with a questionnaire
Create a workflow for products across multiple markets
A central database for all your compliance data
Best-in-class formulation designer
Collaborate with your team
Automatically generate reports (PIF, CPSR)
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