Team Collaboration

Collaborate with team members, clients and suppliers

Work doesn’t happen in a silo. Unify all your internal teams and external stakeholders into one unified system. Worldover’s Collaboration suite brings harmony to chaos.
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Project and Task Management

Worldover will streamline all project management across all internal and external teams. Easily assign tasks to sales, marketing, quality, compliance etc. Track progress against tasks of individual team members and broader teams. Receive timely reminders on anything outstanding. Visualise how your team is progressing.

Messaging built in

Say goodbye to long email chains and collaborate in platform. Tag other team members in comments that are important to them. Send auto-reminders via email and in app to third parties such as suppliers, testing houses and manufactures. Keep an audit log of all important notes and changes for future reference. Share data with external third parties and enable them to contribute data directly to your account to maximise efficiency. Manage permissions to determine who has access to what data.

Visualise your organisation's compliance overview

A dashboard to give you clear visibility at a company, team and individual level. Monitor tasks across all teams. Race through your tasks quicker with our task management and alerts system. Combine tasks across all teams and external third parties.

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