Reports & Documentation

Total flexibility to create any type of document you need

Reporting requirements are endless ranging from INCI lists, registration documents, customer requests for information etc etc. If your team is still spending hours every time they need to create a report then you are wasting valuable time and money on this function.
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Complete customisation to fit your organisation

Complete customisation and flexibility to create any type of report you need. Regulatory documents such as PIF’s, CPSRs for finished goods. Respond to requests for information in seconds. E.g. customer information sheets, statements of compliance. SDS’s, TDS’s and COA’s for raw materials providers. Customise columns, branding, format etc.

Any format

Create entire dossiers into a zip folder. Use excel for INCI lists and allergen statements. Use a PDF for registration documents.

Sharing built in

Share your reports internally with other team members. Share externally with consultants, auditors and other regulatory bodies. Full version control across reports so you know that everyone has the right document. Auto-circulate every time there is a change.

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