Central Database

A single source of truth for all of your data

Stop burying documents in google drive, sharepoint and excel. Create a single source of truth that is built specifically for the cosmetics industry to store data across your products, formulations, raw materials and packaging.
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Raw materials management simplified

Collect data from raw materials/ingredients suppliers 70% faster. Minimise risk in your supply chain by improving the quality of data on your suppliers. Automate the collection of this data through our auto-collection tools. Stop spending hours trying to retrieve documents with our search tools.

Formulate to any specification in seconds and track changes over time

Bring products to market faster. Minimise risk of non-compliance and costly mistakes. Factor in any specification: retailers, regulations and custom blacklists. Track versions as they change over time with an immutable record.

Organise your products in the best possible way for your business

Create bespoke workflows for all your finished products. Leverage Worldover’s Document Management System to de-clutter your business. Customise these workflows to suit your business specifically. Integrate with your existing data sources such as your ERP. Get unparalleled visibility into your product portfolio. Easily respond to any regulatory changes.

Streamline your packaging organisation

Create a central repository for all your packaging components and re-use them across your products. Use version control across all artworks. Eliminate artwork mistakes and risks of non-compliance. Automate packaging reporting for things like PPWR and EPR responsibilities.

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