The deadline for product listing has been extended. Has everything else been extended or are there things that haven't such as Adverse Events Reporting.

The deadline for the product listing & facility registration is 29th December 2023. However, the FDA will not be enforcing this element of MoCRA until 1st July 2024 so the industry has an additional 6 months from 29th December 2023 to comply but are advised to list products and/or register their facility as soon as they are able to do so. Legally, the additional 6 months is not an extension, it is 6 months where the FDA will not be enforcing. Other parts of MoCRA which have a deadline of 29th December 2023 will be enforceable from that date. This means cosmetic brands need to ensure they have adequate safety substantiation for their products and are reporting serious adverse events as well as recording all adverse events appropriately.

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